How to Play Live Quantum Roulette

Live Quantum Roulette brings you all the excitement and anticipation of Live Roulette, but with an awesome twist: the opportunity to win up to 500x your bet on every single spin.

You can play Live Quantum Roulette via a live, high-definition stream that connects you to our Live Casino and dealer.

Live Quantum Roulette Rules

Live Quantum Roulette is played on a regular Live Roulette wheel. As a European Roulette table, it has 37 pockets including a single zero.

With the exception of the Quantum Multipliers, detailed below, Live Quantum Roulette follows regular Roulette rules. Click here to view our Roulette rules page.

Quantum Multipliers

After you have placed your bets, randomly-generated Quantum Multipliers are applied to the table. These are prize multipliers on Straight Up bet wins, boosting the value beyond the regular 35:1 payout, and there may be as many as five per game round.

Each will multiply Straight Up bet wins on the applicable number or numbers from 50x to 500x your bet.

In addition, Quantum Boost and Quantum Leap events may also occur, boosting the multiplier value by 50 (for example, from 100x to 150x) or doubling and tripling multipliers.

Quantum Multiplier Payouts & Probabilities

50x 32.0% 49:1
100x 32.9% 99:1
150x 14.8% 149:1
200x 10.5% 199:1
250x 3.1% 249:1
300x 3.0% 299:1
400x 2.2% 399:1
500x 1.5% 499:1
Boost 12% N/A
Leap 1.8% N/A

Roulette Overview, Rules and Payouts

For more information on Roulette visit our Roulette Rules page.

The theoretical Return to Play for Live Quantum Roulette is 97.3%.